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FAQ and Resources

Account Planning

How long does it take to receive an Account Workbook once it has been requested?
Please allow for 3 business days for an account workbook to be created and request a review meeting to discuss the insights and data within the report.

How many Account Workbooks can be requested?
There is not a limited number of Account Workbooks that our participating Accelerator partners can request. The workbooks are sourced from public e-sources and encouraged to be duplicated by your sales and support teams for newer targets. We encourage our Partners to leverage this resource and benefit as needed.

Build Workshop

The Build Workshops provide an interactive environment for you to collaborate with key technical experts.

  • Turn ideas into solutions.
  • Build your next solution with IBM.
  • Reach out to your primary IBM contact to learn more.
  • Let’s create something that changes everything.

Build with us

  • Proof of concept.
  • Validate assumptions and dependencies as part of your overall solution using IBM technology.
  • Minimum viable product.
  • Co-create a working prototype or application with IBM technology, in support of your solution.
  • Whiteboard sessions.
  • Define your migration activities and deployment scope in architecture centric planning sessions.

Solution workshops

  • Dive deep into how strategic technologies such as Red Hat OpenShift, IBM embeddable AI and IBM Cloud for Financial Services can accelerate the delivery of your solution.
  • Go to market.
  • Work with us to on-board your solution to IBM’s marketplace catalogs.

Funding and Contracts

Public Funding Resources

TD SYNNEX Public Funding Team should be leveraged as an additional resource for you and your customers to help find, understand, and secure funding for initiatives.

Bridging the gap between your pipeline opportunities and grant programs, the IBM Embedded Team and the TD SYNNEX Public Funding/Grants Team has teams of funding experts ready to customize a wide variety of services to meet your customer’s needs.

Available Resources

  • Grant Reports that cover all potential grants available for your customer and a one-on-one review with the IBM Embedded Consultant Team.
  • Access to Grants Station is a portal and guide for the grants and process.
  • Explore grant-related initiatives based on existing programmatic needs.
  • Relevance of technology: Explore the role your solutions play in your target customers projects.
  • Application and Grant Writing Support: They can work with you and your customer from start to finish.
  • Submission and implementation guidance.


TD SYNNEX Government Solutions is an authorized General Services Administration (GSA) IT70 contract holder. Access to TD SYNNEX’s GSA schedule our partners are able to seamlessly and quickly fulfill local government, and education orders.

GSA contracts are becoming the preferred purchasing mechanism within government contracting offices.

TD SYNNEX’s GSA Contract Schedule permits its authorized partners to sell:

  • IT hardware and equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of equipment and spare parts
  • Term software licenses
  • Perpetual software licenses
  • Software maintenance
  • IT training courses
  • IT professional services

ADD Additional Contracts!

On-Boarding GSA Request

Funding Resources

Does TD SYNNEX have grant writers on staff?
No, TD SYNNEX does not have grant writers on staff. However, you can use the information on the GOVSolv funding landing page to identify professional grant consultants. Grant consultants are separate entities from TD SYNNEX. Fees apply for an end-user to hire a grant consultant.

Does TD SYNNEX research grants for end-user customers?
No, TD SYNNEX does not have grant research as a service. The GrantStation platform is provided complimentary for resellers to conduct research for their customers. However, our verticals will offer insight into large-scale funding for technology solutions and grant funding trends by email, virtual sessions, and our in-person GOVSolv events.

In what other ways can the GOVSolv team help with grant projects?

  • Project evaluation – subject-matter experts can assist with identifying key vendor partners for a specific grant, matching the needs of the end-user with specific technology solutions, having an end-user needs assessment consultation call, and helping evaluate whether an end-user is ready to apply for a grant.
  • The SYNNEX GOVSolv team has an end-customer questionnaire to help assess grant readiness.

Where can the SYNNEX GOVSolv funding resources be found?
The funding landing page has links to all the information and the registration process. GOVSolv Funding Support (

Who uses catalog Contract?
100,000+ Eligible Government agencies, private organizations, state agencies, cites, counties, local governments, school districts, higher education, healthcare, other regulated organizations, church/religious organizations, non-profit, and private sectors.

Grant Resources


Have you signed up for complimentary access? There are so many unique State opportunities!GrantStation is a great place to search for these (also a good place to search for Federal and non-profit opportunities) and to easily save and organize opportunities into saved projects.  Register Here (only takes about a minute).

SLG Grant & Funding Info Teams channel

Do you have the link to access vertical-specific content and a tracker of some of the largest funding opportunities and the estimated seasons when grant application periods are expected to open. We are happy to send you a link to access the information.

Grant Specialists available

Have you or your customers met with the no-cost, no-obligation Grant Specialists to help manage the process of the Grant application? They do not write grants or pay for the cost of the grant writer. There are two different vendor-focused teams: Poly and Amwell (Healthcare). Multiple vendor lines can be included as part of the solution, they can suggest areas where additional technology can be added, and also suggest additional grants that might work for your customer. Let us connect you if we haven’t already.

On this page you’ll find enablement and resources for learning about IBM Partner Plus, IBM Partner Portal, and much more. Save this as a favorite!

IBM Enablement Hub

IBM Engagement and Opportunities

As a part of your Sales Accelerator journey, TD SYNNEX will help you establish a long-lasting partnership with IBM and stay connected. By knowing your key stakeholders and how to leverage your IBM resources, you’ll gain mindshare and more visibility from the IBM account teams.

What is IBM Connex?

IBM Connect is a formal introduction to the IBM Account Manager’s you need for new IBM opportunities or strategic growth plans. The TD SYNNEX IBM Embedded Managers help to connect you with the appropriate IBM account teams and build stronger relationships.

Who’s the IBM Rep Covering the End User/Account?

IBM Cadence

Starting a meaningful cadence with your Account Team and leveraging IBM incentives and promotions are essential for you to maximize your IBM growth opportunities. Therefore, we’ve created a Cadence Template and an Opportunity Checklist to help guide you through a successful journey.

Marketing Resources

Does TD SYNNEX have marketing funds available to ESA partners?
Yes, TD SYNNEX does have marketing funds to assist with marketing your IBM ESA solution.

Does IBM have marketing funds available to ESA partners?
Yes, IBM has Co-Marketing funds available and offers a resource guide to assist with accessing those funds. Use the following link to log into the Co-Marketing Guide. IBM Co-Marketing Guide | Log in

Does IBM assist with online digital marketing?
Yes, IBM does have an online marketing assistance tool located at IBM My Digital Marketing (

When should I engage with the Digital Marketing Enablement Team?
Early and often, whether you are planning on a website refresh or a new digital strategy to reach new customers. Our marketing consultants are her to help you plan and bring your digital vision to life. They can help you work with your internal third-party marketing company and help you leverage additional resources available from IBM. Request a consultation to learn more about what you may qualify for in supporting your marketing resource needs.

Navigating IBM Partner Plus

IBM PartnerWorld transitioned to a new IBM Partner Plus experience on 4 January 2023.

Partner Plus delivers competitive incentives, more access to resources and tailored support for partners to deepen their technical expertise and accelerate time to market. We recognize what our partners need most from IBM— transparency, support and an easier approach to partnering with IBM.

How to progress in Partner Plus? All ESA Partner come in at the Silver Partner Level.

Visit the IBM Partner Portal

Payment Options

  • Prepay for orders with Wire Transfer or ACH.
  • Pay Net 30 (credit clearance required).
  • TD Capital (affordable and flexible financing) no order is too small or too big! We got you covered!

Credit Documentation Requested

Required financial documents.
Example: (past 2 years, minimum of 2 documents from the list below of 4)

  • P&L
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Equity/Funding

Things TD Credit Team is looking for:

  • Prompt payments against the net 30 terms.
  • Reasonable, manageable debt levels and debt repayment schedules.
  • Growth in:
    • Profitability
    • Cash Flow and retained cash
    • Working Capital
    • Retained Earnings

Sales Accelerator: Growth Planning

What is the purpose of the pre-work?
The pre-work assignment is designed to help you get a head start on your introduction/planning meeting. In addition, this also helps provide a head-start on the Growth Planning session module with the Accelerator Program.

Who will the pre-work information be shared with?
We only share the pre-work information with your assigned IBM Business Development Rep. This will not be shared with other partners in our program and you will not be formally presenting this information during the workshop.

When is the Pre-Work due?
We recommend you provide your completed assignment 3 business days prior to the workshop.

Who do I send the Pre-Work information to? Who do I contact if I have questions about the Pre-work assignment?
We ask you to forward your pre-work assignment to our Accelerator Program Manager Dale Fulzenloger and include your IBM BDE on the email.

What tactics will help us increase sales and communicate value?

  • Know your customer’s priorities.
  • Address customer needs.
    • Lack of funds are a major barrier to modernization.
  • Communicate value to customers.
    • Create customer value.
    • Marketing opportunities.
    • Grow sales.
  • Speak to your customers goals and needs.
    • Leverage grants.
  • Communicate often.

Service Offering

Does TD SYNNEX have a service offering to assist partners?
Yes! TD SYNNEX has a Field services team known as SERVICESolv Field Services.