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TD SYNNEX provides our partners with all the resources needed to get started in the channel and co-selling with IBM.
Partner with TD SYNNEX to deliver enhanced solutions embedded with IBM’s AI, Hybrid Cloud, and other essential technologies. Effectively expand into new markets by making the most of our global reach, network of global integrator and resellers, and established go-to-market tools and strategies to help amplify your sales.
Accelerate your business growth and innovate with TD SYNNEX and IBM!

Maximize Time and Value With TD SYNNEX and IBM’s ESA Program

Build, Accelerate, Scale with TD SYNNEX

TD SYNNEX is the world’s largest global distributor of technology. We partner with the entire technology ecosystem to manage relentless transformation, execute confidently, and evolve to capture opportunities up ahead. We are here to help you with next-generation product development and sales, allowing you to grow your business.

150,000+ RESELLERS

Your journey to co-sell through TD SYNNEX and IBM!

IBM Embedded Solution Pathways Program Overview

Your journey to co-sell through TD SYNNEX distribution and IBM begins with our IBM Embedded Solutions Pathways Program. The program provides access to:

Product Development

Access to Technical Expertise: Engineers and Architects, our Data Center, Cyber Range, IBM Build Labs, Sandboxes and Trials


Supporting Target Market Development: Focused on net-new customer acquisition strategy, and persona BI Insights

Special Pricing and Cost Savings

New Project Credits: Cloud Credits, Embedded Solution Pricing Discounts

The IBM Embedded Solutions Team:

Our IBM team at TD SYNNEX includes a dozen solution engineers, architects and project managers that a here to help you succeed by offering you their expertise, so you don’t have to build your solutions alone.

With their help building solutions on or with IBM products is divided into four pathways:

Some examples of Embedded Solutions include:

  • MSSP: Cybersecurity Watch Portal & Embedded IBM Cloud
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Warehouse Management Analytics Platform
  • Healthcare Data App and Device
  • Fraud Prevention AI/ML Safer Payments
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“Thank you, TD SYNNEX ESA Team, for such a great program!

I am very impressed with the dynamics of the program, relevance to practical execution and structured guidance and mentoring! We will work hard to leverage every aspect of the program and focus on revenue generation this year your IBM / TD SYNNEX help!”

– ESA Business Partner, RISE CORP


Qualifications are based upon IBM and TD SYNNEX program requirements:


  • B2B SaaS or Software
  • Headquarters in the US
  • Complete onboarding and registration
  • IBM Solution Approval


(New to IBM and Distribution)

All are recommended for best results

  • Complete orientation
  • Identified product categories
  • Three-week Boot Camp commitment
    • One-hour weekly modules


  • License/XaaS owned by BP
  • Restricted-use license/XaaS


  • IBM supports BP
  • BP provides Level 1 and 2 support

Value-Add Requirement

  • IBM offering(s) must be sold as part of total solution or service


  • Negotiated price for the IBM offering(s)
  • Purchase commited (upfront or initial purchase) or purchase over time